Credit Building Tips

About Us

Credit Building Tips is a free online resource that explains exactly how to:

  • Build credit from scratch
  • Fix bad credit blemishes on your credit score
  • Achieve excellent credit over time
  • Build a credit score for your business, if you have one

All of our content is well researched by industry-leading credit experts. You can trust what you read here to be the best information and strategies on the market for boosting your credit.

About the Founder

Shaun Connell's Likes | Seeking AlphaShaun Connell is the founder of You can learn more about him at

Shaun is a real estate investor and credit expert who became passionate about the credit-scoring system when he realized how important his credit score was to securing real estate financing. A few credit points can be the difference between a full-time passive real estate income - or no income at all.

That's why Shaun founded Credit Building Tips, to help people understand what's at stake and how to take advantage of the system to improve their own credit scores as fast as possible.